Dhathu Mandiraya

Building a Dathu Mandira is like building a residence for the Lord Buddha. Such a sacred place has been built in Kelani Raja Maha Viharaya as well. This concept was Ven. Nayaka Thero’s idea and Mr Thilakawardhane, the CEO of Thilakawardhane Group of companies funded the project.

Accordingly, a magnificent Dathu Mandira was built in Kelani Raja Maha Viharaya, excluding the old traditional crafts patterns.

Everyday in the morning at 6.30, in the afternoon at 11.00 and in the evening at 6.00 Sambuddha poojas are performed with great devotion. Pilgrims who come to visit the temple in the evening go there near the Dathu Mandira to listen to the daily pirith chanting.


There are three ‘wahalkadas’ in East, South and North entrances of the Kelani tample, reflecting the pride and prestige of it. These amazing piece of art hold a significant place in Sri Lankan architecture and can be easily distinguished from other wahalkada in the country.

Prarthana Gala

This is another piece of art that can be seen beside the Vibhishana dewala in Kelani temple. Most of the pilgrims who visit the temple go near this and light incense sticks after worshipping three chaitya. They believe that if they wish for something good while touching this stone, that’d be fulfilled.

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